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Make no mistake

Who we are
(and what we believe)

WriteRight Editing© is a service to people and organisations wanting to communicate well in written English.

In a world where the written word is often used to confuse, manipulate, and mislead people, we're passionate about the importance of saying things clearly, plainly, and honestly.

We'll help anyone who feels the same. But we particularly want to support you if:

A little history

WriteRight Editing was founded in 2003 by a graduate in linguistics, with distinction, from Rhodes University. (He also studied English literature and Xhosa, among other courses.)

A newspaper journalist after graduating, he has had wide experience in Southern Africa and Australia as an editor, columnist, book reviewer, contributor to international journals, desktop publisher, trainer, and speaker. He is also the author of two published books and of a modest collection of poetry (most of it unpublished, with good reason). 

The editing work is currently undertaken by two associate editors, with quality control done by the founder editor.

Keeping good company
WriteRight has edited documents for the following:

and for many individuals — a novelist, an historian, an engineering academic...

He has also done pro bono work for a variety of organisations, groups, and individuals.

Contact him by e-mail here.

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