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Make no mistake


How it works . . .

You can send us a hard copy of your document, or you can let us have it electronically in any of these formats:

* Please note that we can view and print files in PDF format, but we cannot edit them electronically. We'd need to print hard copies and work on those.

We'll have a first look at your material, discuss with you how best we can help, and assess the amount of work it might involve.

In the light of that, we'll confirm the fee with you and agree on the amount of time that we'll probably need to do the job.

Then we'll proofread ("light edit") or copyedit ("heavy edit") your document, depending on your instructions, and return it to you in the most convenient way, within the agreed period.

And, if you're happy with what we've done, you'll pay us!

Please contact us if you are unsure about the best way to send us your material.


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