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Make no mistake


A few helpful resources

by Mike McCoy

WriteRight Editing© is ready and willing to help you produce clear, effective documents in English.

But you may like to try doing it yourself, at first. Here are some resources that I have found useful, illuminating, or just plain entertaining.

Some good books . . .

All the books should be available from good bookshops. Because I live in South Africa, I usually get mine online through www.loot.co.za, which I recommend highly – follow the link below.

A radio programme (if you live in South Africa). . .

And a real live person . . .
If you need a professional to write your corporate document, contact Graham Jones at The Company Writers in the UK. He writes annual reports, speeches, brochures, websites and all company communications. His clients include many of the FTSE's top 100 companies.

Graham and I have known each other for more than 25 years. So I'm very happy to endorse his work.

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