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Make no mistake


"Proofread" means . . . ?

Proofreading is the first level of service we offer.

We'll carefully check your document, correcting typing errors, spelling mistakes, and any other basic problems with the text — wrong cross-references, running heads, page numbering, and so on.

This is often called light editing.


And "copyedit" means . . . ?

This is the second, more advanced level of our service.

Not only will we proofread your document, we'll also check that your text clearly communicates what you want to say, and that it does so in idiomatic English that is appropriate to your audience. If necessary we'll rewrite some or all of your text to make it as clear and accessible as it needs to be.

This is often called heavy editing.

Before we copyedit your text, we'll consult fully with you about what you want it to say.

And, if necessary, we'll check back with you before we finalise the work.

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